Easy Entry For Facebook Fans – iPad Giveaway Ends Soon

FREE iPad 2 Giveaway: Silverleaf Members contest!

There’s less than 1 week left to enter the FREE iPad 2 Giveaway: Silverleaf Members contest!

For the final week of the giveaway, I’ve changed the entry options slightly to make things easier:

– “Liking” us on Facebook is now the mechanism of entry

– A Member Registration Code is no longer required

– Entry is no longer restricted to Members only

What this means is that entry into the iPad giveaway is now open to all Silverleaf fans on Facebook, instead of Silverleaf Members only.

This change was made in response to reports I received from people who were frustrated about the previous (and more complex) mechanism of entry, which required potential contestants to: 1) obtain a Registration Code, 2) register as a Silverleaf Member, and 3) enter the giveaway using their code.

Now, “Liking” Silverleaf on Facebook is the only requirement for entry. Registering as a Silverleaf Member is totally optional: however, Members get an extra bonus +2 entries for entering their Member Registration Code, and are therefore much more likely to win than non-Members!

Anybody who entered the contest using the old mechanism of entry is still fully eligible, and their entry points are still valid.

The FREE iPad 2 Giveaway: Silverleaf Members contest ends 9/2/2012, and is now easier to enter than ever. Log into Facebook (if you haven’t already) and enter today!