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We can build high-performance custom computers for the same cost as a “pre-made” system!

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Build your own computer with Intel processors

All computers use standardized components. Choose your own components for a fast, reliable machine and save money!

Custom Computers use quality hardware

Custom computers use the best hardware, giving them superior performance over a longer lifespan.

Silverleaf Custom PC Service and Support

Every Silverleaf Custom PC is backed by professional support and service. If you run into a problem, I’ll fix it!

Silverleaf Custom PC

Get additional FREE home installation, FREE anti-virus software, and a one-year warranty, plus data transfer and secure e-waste recycling, starting at $899.99*

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Custom Computers and Pre-Made Systems

Trash the old pre-made: Custom Computers FTW!

Manufacturers like HP® and Apple® put together standard parts and sell “pre-made” systems under the Pavillion® or iMac® name. Although fast enough for typical use, these systems use second-rate hardware with limited upgradability, and become slow and obsolete in only a few short years.

Why Don’t Pre-made Computers Last?
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Client Testimonial

Building a Silverleaf Custom PC is the best way to buy a new computer. See what others are saying about the benefits of building your own computer. (read more reviews)

This is my 2nd Review I am writing because I recently asked Kevin at Silverleaf if he would build me a computer. I was planning on building my own, but then realized I had not the time nor interest in learning how to do it. I needed someone reliable, someone who would listen to my requests, and do a great job while not leaving me broke.

I sent Kevin a list of things that I would like to have, along with my budget. My biggest concern was speed and how quiet the computer would run. I love that I now have a blu-ray player on my computer along with a universal memory card reader! I am so glad I don’t have to find that cord to plug my camera into so I can transfer photos, I just stick my memory card in and it’s done!

This thing runs like a finely tuned engine, it’s super quiet, the fans inside hardly make a sound and I can feel the cool air just by hovering my hand over the top of the tower. Kevin chose a really great design in terms of parts, colors, and light combo. Everything matches and I really love that all the lights on the computer are blue, including the one activating the blu-ray player.

Thanks, Kevin!

Christine v.
North Hollywood, CA


My Custom PC

My six-year-old custom PC.

Custom computers are built using the latest high-quality processors, memory, and motherboards, giving them superior performance over a longer lifespan. When you build your own computer, you get a system that will be “future-proof” and stand the test of time. However, doing so requires extensive technical knowledge: this is where I come in!

I use my computer for photo editing, multimedia and video streaming, 3D gaming, and other graphics-intensive applications, so it’s important for me to stay up-to-speed with a reliable machine that does what I need it to do.

When I first decided to build myself a custom PC, I had no idea I’d be using the same computer over 6 years later. I’ve done a few inexpensive hardware upgrades in that time, but the computer is still so fast that I don’t need to buy a whole new system. Realistically, I plan on using this computer for at least four more years… giving my custom PC a useful lifespan of 10 years.

In my opinion, assembling a custom PC is the best way to buy a new computer: the long-term value gained from choosing quality, upgradable hardware makes building a custom PC extremely cost-effective. Dollar-for-dollar, a well-built custom PC is faster and more reliable than a pre-made, and over a longer useful lifespan.

For more information about custom computers, please contact me, and begin building a Silverleaf Custom PC today!


* Data transfer and e-waste recycling extra. One-year limited warranty and terms and conditions apply.

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