Laptop Repair

For many users, laptop computers are preferred over desktops because of their performance, price, and portability. However, a laptop’s light weight and ease-of-transport come at a cost: they break more easily than desktops.

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Common Laptop Repairs

Laptop Repair

Even the most expensive, high-quality laptops are not immune to damage from accidental drops and spills. Additionally, laptop computers are especially susceptible to certain types of hardware damage:

Laptop Overheating

Built with relatively small fans, air ducts, and heat sinks, laptop computers are prone to getting too hot. Laptop overheating can be very damaging to a computer’s sensitive electronic parts; therefore, a properly functioning cooling system is essential to prevent expensive laptop repairs. Inspect the laptop’s cooling system: check for dust build-up, and make sure that the fan is working if you suspect laptop overheating.

Hard Drive Recovery

If a laptop won’t boot, this could be caused by a bad hard drive. Laptop computers utilize special 2.5 inch hard disk drives to store your data. As one of a computer’s only moving parts, these small hard drives are susceptible to mechanical failure, and even worse, data loss. However, full hard drive recovery is possible in most cases, usually with little or no data loss.

Broken DC Power Jack

After years of plugging and unplugging, a laptop’s DC power jack can become damaged or broken, eventually making it impossible to power on and recharge the battery. A common laptop repair for older models, DC power jack replacement involves disassembly of the motherboard, removal of the broken jack, and soldering the replacement securely in place.

Water On Laptop

Many computer users believe that if they’ve spilled water on laptop that their computer is fried, but this is not necessarily true. Depending on the volume and location of the spilled water, it is possible to disassemble and dry out the components, then re-assemble and power it on. Spilled water on laptop does not mean that the computer is dead!

Common Laptop Problems and Symptoms

Laptop Repair

Laptop Slow

The most common cause of a slow computer is insufficient memory (RAM). Random-Access Memory acts as fast, temporary storage for the computer’s processor. Over time, a system can get bogged down with unnecessary startup programs, and newer applications use increasing amounts of RAM: in most cases, this is what makes a computer slow. However, a simple (and inexpensive) memory upgrade can boost laptop speed significantly – this is a very cost effective laptop repair to perform.

Screen Goes Black

If you are experiencing a laptop black screen, or if you find that the laptop shuts down unexpectedly, this could be caused by a number of factors. Most commonly, laptop overheating can trigger an emergency auto shut off to prevent heat damage, but to the user it just looks like the screen goes black and the laptop shuts down for no reason at all!

Laptop Won’t Turn On

When a computer does not boot into Windows, this could be caused by a hard drive error or critical system file corruption. Sometimes, a laptop won’t boot into the operating system because of an incorrect BIOS setting, a non-boot disc in the drive, or a severe viral infection. If your laptop won’t turn on at all, this might be due to a power supply or battery issue.

Laptop Turns Off

When a computer that appears to be functioning normally randomly shuts down, it is important to look for any associated error messages. If the computer shuts down after displaying a blue screen error message, this would indicate a critical error in the operating system or a malfunctioning device driver. If your computer shuts down with no message, this could be due to laptop overheating, a power supply problem, or another hardware problem requiring laptop repair.

If you are experiencing any of these problems (or a problem not listed here) and are looking for laptop repair, please contact me for a free estimate and consultation.

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