Mac Repair

Mac Repair

Standard Mac repair (such as MacBook hard drive replacement or an iMac memory upgrade) does not have to be performed at an Apple Store – and certainly does not require paying Apple Store prices! If you’re looking for inexpensive and professional Mac repair, Silverleaf Computer Services can help.

MacBook Hard Drive Replacement – For Less!

What many Mac-users don’t realize is that beneath their sleek Mac exterior, there is basic PC hardware doing the work. It’s true: in 2006, Apple decided to begin using standard Intel-based hardware, and since then Mac repair has never been more affordable.

However, Apple resellers are still selling people extended warranties, and continue to charge their customers inflated prices for basic hardware. Why pay almost twice the going rate for a “certified” MacBook Pro hard drive upgrade, when any quality hard drive will work? (once the drive is properly formatted to Mac HFS by Silverleaf, of course!)

MacBook Hard Drive

Affordable MacBook Repair and Mac Data Recovery

MacBook Repair

Silverleaf can do many MacBook repair procedures faster and more efficiently (as well as at lower cost) than competing Mac repair shops. This includes, but is not limited to: memory upgrades, cooling fan service, hard drive replacement, water damage MacBook repair, optical drive replacement, and screen replacement.

And if MacBook repair is not an option because of extensive damage or cost, it is still possible to do Mac data recovery to recover lost photos, music, and documents from your MacBook hard drive. If the drive itself is bad, a MacBook Pro hard drive upgrade can often fix the problem. If you have an external hard drive for Mac that you need to setup for backing up your data, or you need Mac data recovery done on a malfunctioning external hard drive for Mac, Silverleaf can help.

Upgrade Your Mac’s Memory or Hard Drive

If your computer is showing signs of slowing down, or you’re running out of storage space, then an upgrade is a great way to improve your Mac. An iMac memory upgrade (or memory upgrade on any type of Mac) can speed up your system considerably. To do an iMac memory upgrade, it is important to use RAM of the correct capacity and speed (but it doesn’t have to be “Mac” RAM).

Doing a hard drive upgrade (such as a Macbook pro hard drive upgrade), requires that you use the correct size hard drive. And while you’re at it, pick up an external hard drive for Mac too, and use it to back up your important data!

For help with these or other types of Mac repair, please contact me.

iMac Memory Upgrade

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