New Computer Setup

Buy a new computer the right way! You can save a lot of money (both initially AND in the long run) by purchasing the correct system for your needs, and by setting it up correctly to avoid problems in the future. With Silverleaf New Computer Setup, you can be sure to invest in a “future proof” system that will stand the test of time. My new computer setup service includes:

  • FULL setup service for on-site setup, in-shop pick-up, or shipping any new PC.
  • FREE electronic waste disposal of your old system
  • FREE consultation and estimate on setting up the perfect PC for any use and budget.

Silverleaf New Computer Setup Services

With so many different manufacturers and options, simply choosing a new computer can be an overwhelming task. Not only is it important to pick the right system for your needs and budget, but it’s also essential to setup your new system correctly. Common setup procedures include:

  • Transfer data, browser, and account settings.
  • Connect to a new or existing home/office network.
  • Data protection and backup solution setup.
  • Install critical operating system software updates.
  • Install anti-virus software protection.

A hasty initial setup can leave a new computer vulnerable to security breaches and data/performance losses in the future. Silverleaf New Computer Setup ensures that your new machine will give you the best performance over time, and that the transition from your old machine will be easy and worry-free.

Silverleaf Custom PC

A new computer can also be custom-built, using the latest processors, memory, and graphics cards, resulting in a machine with superior performance and lifespan. For power-users who plan on doing graphics-intensive tasks like video editing or 3D gaming, a new custom PC offers high-performance options that are typically NOT available in a “pre-made” system, including:

  • Up to 32 GB of Hi-Speed 2000+MHz DDR3 RAM
  • Support for the latest USB 3.0 devices, with up to 5.0 Gb/s transfer rates
  • Support for the latest SATA III drives, with up to 6.0 Gb/s transfer rates
  • A solid state drive (SSD) for ultra-fast and reliable primary data storage, instead of a hard disk drive
  • Dual graphics cards, Blu-Ray® burner, 7.1 Ch sound, multi-card reader, or even an overclocked CPU and liquid cooling solution… the options are limitless!

Assembling a custom PC is a smart option for buying a new computer: the long-term value gained from choosing quality, upgradable hardware makes building a custom PC extremely cost-effective. Dollar-for-dollar, a well-built custom PC is faster and more reliable than a pre-made, and over a longer useful lifespan.


For help with new computer setup or building a custom PC, please contact me or request a free estimate.

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